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The essence of the moments of your life will be captured forever. ~ Anne' Phillips, Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer

Anne' Phillips, born and raised in Estonia, is currently based out of Florida. Anne' has pursued her dream of capturing beauty for over 20 years. Her lifelong passion for beauty and art has led her on a journey both in front of, and behind, the camera.

​With a "no fear" attitude and an overwhelming love for art, dance and fashion, she walked the international runways, until her debut in the United States. Throughout her career in front of the camera, dreams and visions of images inspired the yearning to create those images from the other side of the camera. In 2007, by combining this new zest and creative drive with her lifelong pursuit of artistry, fashion, modeling and design, the creative and unique world of Anne' Phillips Photography was born. 

​Anne's passion and dedication allows her work to stand above and ahead of the average artist. Her experience, professionalism and refined ability capture years of creativity onto every photograph. Not only has she traveled all over the world to photograph the models and runways of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, including Caribbean Fashion Week, Anne' has also been loyal to her hometown of Tampa, Florida, serving nine consecutive years as the lead house photographer for Fashion Week Tampa Bay. In addition, Tampa Bay Biz Journal named Anne' Phillips their favorite Tampa Bay photographer.

Anne’ loves to bring her critical fashion eye to all photo sessions, including weddings. While working with clients, she always envisions how the images would look in the popular magazines. She never settles, and is always up for a challenge by trying out new ways to be forward and unique. 

Those who have met her say she is professional, friendly, positive, passionate, enthusiastic, patient, understanding, an expert in placement and lighting, and an outside-the- box thinker.  


​She accepts 12 selected wedding commissions per year (one per month) to assure a top quality client experience and an exclusivity that will last for generations. 

* Internationally Published

* Member of PPA (Professional Photographers Association)

* Licensed and Insured​

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