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The Experience

1. ENQUIRY Get in touch via the contact form and share as many details as you can. Please let me know where you need to use your photos, and also include if we’re chasing a deadline (such as a book launch or your website going live).  We’ll jump on a discovery call to discuss all about your business, your imagery needs, and see if we’re the right fit. If we’re a creative match, we select your shoot date and I'll send you a Booking Agreement and Deposit Invoice (50%) so we can lock it all in!

2. PREPARATION I’ll send over a simple questionnaire, and we’ll get clear on your vision and ideal customer. I immerse myself in your business and industry to understand your goals, aesthetic, and brand. I use my industry knowledge and network to source what’s needed (looks, props, location – everything) and put together my recommended shoot plan. With unlimited email support, we go through everything for a seamless shoot day tailored to you. Fun and relaxed shooting is the product of hours of preparation!

3. SHOOT DAY  I guide you through the entire session and gently directing the whole way. I keep sessions light-hearted and friendly, and I’ve done this enough to know what sort of coaching and direction each individual needs.  With much pre-planning, going through multiple outfit changes and locations feels seamless and fun!​

4. CULLING SELECTION If you’ve trusted me with your session, keeping your data safe is of upmost importance. I upload the shoot session onto my computer and create a back-up. I cull the images, removing any blinks or unflattering expressions, to present you with only good images from the session. I process the RAW images, and create your online Proof Gallery within 48 hours of our shoot.

5. EDITING & RETOUCHING I edit each and every selected image to optimize brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, colour balance, and composition – things that an experienced photographer would nit-pick. The combination of all of this = My Signature Style that you see displayed in all my work here. I am here to capture you, not change you and therefore appearance alteration is not a part of the service.  Within two weeks of your image selection, your Online Gallery is delivered with optimised final images - in both Hi-Resolution (for web design, media requests and print) and Web-Resolution for easy social-media ready sharing. Your images come with a commercial release, so you can confidently use them all over your website, social and marketing collateral. With quality imagery of your business at your disposal, it’s time to kill it!

A NOTE ON RAW FILES If we’re working together, chances are you’ve hired me based on the style of work you’ve seen. My style and vision is unique to my brand, and the way I personally edit my images is instrumental in the final product. Until a photo is edited, it’s an unfinished work. I do not release RAW files. You’re not here for the half-done image. You’re here for the shiny, show-stopping set. Let me give you images only in their best versions yet.


WHAT IS A PERSONAL BRANDING PHOTOGRAPHY? Personal branding photography is more than taking a business headshot. Effective brand photos are strategically planned out, intentionally designed, and used with purpose to elevate your brand and grow your business. Using professional photos to market and advertise your business not only positions you as an expert in your field but it helps your client learn more about you and how you can help solve their problems. Whether you’re a coach, online entrepreneur, influencer or speaker, professional photography can really take your personal branding to the next level.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO MY PHOTOSHOOT? During your planning consultation, we’re going to discuss all the different factors that will come together to create amazing and purposeful photo content for you, including what to wear. Once I get to know you and the audience that you’ll be speaking to, I’ll guide you on the best outfits that will work on camera.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I NEED TO RESCHEDULE OUR SESSION? It’s only natural that things come up and you may need to reschedule your session. My session fee includes one reschedule to another day within 30 days of the original session date, however rescheduling more than once will forfeit the session fee or booking retainer, and you can just rebook another date when you’re available again.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER OUR PHOTO SESSION? About 1 weeks after your photoshoot, I’ll email you a link to a selection gallery for you to choose the photos included in your brand photo package. Once I receive your selection, the final photos will then be emailed to you ready to start using and growing your business. If you love more photos than what’s included in your original package, you’re welcome to purchase extra images if you wish.

IF I NEED HELP, CAN YOU SHOW ME THE BEST WAY TO USE MY NEW BRANDING PHOTOS? Absolutely! Sometimes it can be a bit daunting to have a new library of digital content and wonder just what to do with it. But I’m here to help. Together we can go through and choose the photos that will work best for your website, social media profiles, marketing material and more. Having great professional photos is such an asset to your business, and it’s my desire that you get the most out of your investment and elevate your personal brand.

OFFICE/HOME vs PHOTOGRAPHER’S STUDIO – WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN IMAGE QUALITY? There is no difference at all; our mobile studio system allows us to maintain the same high-end quality no matter where we photograph. The only benefit of a studio is that it can accommodate a larger number of people; the downfall is that you’d be required to spend more time out of your office or home.

WHEN I ORDER ONE HEADSHOT IMAGE, DO YOU TAKE ONE PHOTO? No, I take several photos throughout the portrait appointment. I don’t limit the number of images we take; this allows us to give you different options for selection after the shoot.

CAN I BOOK A SESSION THE DAY BEFORE? Yes, as long as we are available. If you are looking for a photo on short notice, it may be best to give me a call before you book to ensure we have availability.


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